Issue 2

December 2019 edition

Dark Oak

by Jacob Sannox


This is Chapter 1 of a novel which reached the semi-final of SPFBO4 in 2018-19. A story of war and its aftermath.

The Ugly Duckling's Revenge by SD Howarth


A grimdark and violent take on a story Hans Christian Anderson would never have imagined!

Meet The Author


Meet the Author aims to showcase the work of one of our group in each edition.

The Difficult Sequel by Steven McKinnon


His first book was a SPFBO finalist, people raved about it. You'd think writing the sequel would be a doddle. Steve explains why it was anything but!

Maggie meets Mr Marshall by Fiona Roberts

Ghost story

Maggie needs to move house after a break-up. It means starting life all over again, a fresh start.

But where should she live?


by Tom Mullen


The occupational health nurse had told him to relax. 

Not such an easy thing to do.

Anna Stephens

In September Anna Stephens published her final installment of her Godblind trilogy. We talked to her about its genesis, female characters in grimdark settings and being good with a sword.

What's the adverbsion? by PS Livingstone


Adverbs. Friend or foe?

This article frames the classic debate with quotes from authors and sharp-witted observation to get you thinking.

Night Shift

by Jamie Richardson


Exhaustion dominates the life of a junior doctor. A story told from experience of life on the front line of the NHS.


by Em Jackson


This is a story about grief.

Sometimes it's the strangest things we learn to value after the passing of a loved one.

Meet The Author


Meet the Author aims to showcase the work of one of our group in each edition.

Genre Worldbuilding by Graeme Penman


Worldbuilding depends on the genre, there are rules and conventions to adhere to and understanding them is crucial to success. Here's why.