Issue 3

April 2020 edition


Trailsford's Archway

By Matthew Ward

Nineteenth-Century Fantasy

A portal to another world unleashes a malevolent evil. Can an ancient power save Victorian England from complete destruction?

What Troubles May Come By Nigel Potts


After waking in captivity, disorientated Sergeant Gunnar must battle a ferocious spirit to save the life of his captain.

Meet The Author


Meet the Author aims to showcase the work of one of our group in each edition.

Tips for Indy Authors 

by M.S. Olney


The author behind The Empowered Ones series and the Sundered Crown Saga offers fellow indy authors some tips.

Dream Sequence

by Thomas Mullen


Anger and loss manifest in a series of eerie and surreal dreams.

A Study in Morality

by P.S. Livingstone


An unapologetic criminal delivers his own brand of justice against the worst elements of society.

Peter Mclean

We speak with Peter Mclean, author of the smash hit Priest of Bones. We discuss his work, influences, writing habits, and his experience with Games Workshop's Black Library.

Publishing Contracts 101 by Alex Bradshaw


Alex gives us the lowdown, and his advice, on the all important subject of publishing contracts.

A Ritual of Bone

By Lee C Conley

Fantasy Horror

An excerpt from Lee's debut Dark Fantasy Horror novel A Ritual of Bone.

Beware the Dead!

So Alone

by J.E. Hannaford


After a series of unexplained deaths linked to UFO abductions, an abductee comes to terms with her inevitable fate.

Meet The Author


Meet the Author aims to showcase the work of one of our group in each edition.

Secret Weapons for Writers by Harry Brooks


Author Harry Brooks reveals some of his methods and his secret weapons for writing.




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